Locally led adaptation – a time for action podcast

In the run-up to the UN climate summit (COP26) negotiations, IIED presents a new mini-series of three podcast conversations examining issues and solutions to locally led adaption to climate change.

Article, 13 May 2021

This podcast mini-series explores locally led adaption to climate change – a topic gaining increasing prominence in the run-up to the UN climate summit (COP26) and in other major policy processes.

At the Climate Adaptation Summit in January 2021, 40 governments and leading organisations endorsed the eight principles for locally led adaptation. In doing so they committed to making sure that people most affected by climate change are empowered to determine pathways for adaptation.

As the number of sign-ups grows, what will endorsement mean in practice? What actions will be taken to put communities in the ‘driver’s seat’ for adaptation decision making? 

How will endorsing organisations shift to ‘business-unusual’ practices to enable people on the frontline of climate change? And what will be done to track and monitor progress? The move towards local leadership must become central to international climate policy processes too – what will it take to make that happen?

Hosted by IIED’s Aditya Bahadur and Marek Soanes, the podcasts use innovative formats to bring together expert researchers, policymakers and practitioners from around the world to consider these vital questions.

The podcast is divided into three episodes: 


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Episode 2: The ‘A’ Factor: accountability for locally led adaptation

In the second episode, modelled on popular UK television programme 'The X Factor', four global practitioners and researchers from principles-endorsing organisations spell out what they propose to do to enable local people to be in the driving seat of climate adaptation decision-making. Then two expert ‘judges’ hold them to account...

The conversation features:

Episode 3: Taking locally led adaptation global

In the third and final episode, four experts on climate policy explore ways to align global climate finance systems more effectively with the real situations of people in communities and at the local level, to ensure successful locally led adaptation to climate change.

The conversation features:

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