Sheela Patel's blog posts

22 September 2016 |

Global goals and targets often rely on national data, but local data are needed to inform action on the ground and to monitor progress on the goals.

9 August 2016 |

Is it possible for global funds to be accountable to local communities – especially those whose needs the funds should address? 

5 April 2015 |

In India, slum and pavement dwellers' organisations have designed and managed a programme of community toilets and washing facilities that are used by hundreds of thousands of households. Guest blogger Sheela Patel describes how this was achieved.

10 May 2012 |

Around one in seven people around the world live in informal settlements in urban areas. These settlements – sometimes referred to as slums or shantytowns – lack not only good provisions for water, sanitation and basic services, they are also often deliberately left out of official surveys and maps. As a result, their inhabitants rarely have official identity documents, or other official papers confirming their address and therefore their right to live there.