Sustainable Diets for All: harnessing citizens’ voices for a diverse, healthy, fair and green food system

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Published: March 2019
Product code:G04400

This document, published in October 2017, is Hivos and IIED’s position document. It provides an overview of the main goal, priorities, approaches and methodologies Hivos and IIED employ in their joint Sustainable Diets for All programme, where they promote diets that are diverse, healthy, fair and green. The position document outlines why the current food system is not working, how Hivos and IIED are putting consumer and producer voices and choices at the heart of food systems, and how they plan to achieve this. The methodologies of citizen-generated evidence and Food Change Labs are explained in detail. Readers furthermore gain an insight into the diet-related malnutrition work in the programme focus countries: Bolivia, Indonesia, Uganda and Zambia, and the international advocacy efforts. Readers are invited to engage with Hivos and IIED about the programme.