ASM Dialogue Briefing and Agenda

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Published: January 2016
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IIED’s global programme of action dialogues for ASM supports national dialogues in ASM countries across the world. Our approach is to foster multi-stakeholder collaboration through dialogue which leads to better understanding, roles and relations between the key sector stakeholders. In-country dialogues will look at challenges and solutions that are locally prioritised and support a formalised, rights-based artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) within a more inclusive and responsible mining sector.

Ghana was selected as the first dialogue country as it offers a real opportunity for positive change in country. With a strong government committed to improving the ASM sector and an advanced small and large-scale mining sector, the lessons learned through this process will act as a guide to inspire and motivate dialogues in other countries.

Dialogues across multiple countries offer the opportunity for reciprocal lessons learning and global policy influence. IIED’s role as the global convenor across the programme will be to facilitate cross country lesson learning and to influence and share findings in key international fora. This is key to ensure international policy making is informed by local realities.

The objectives for the Ghana dialogue are:~• To improve understanding and challenge perspectives amongst key stakeholders in the ASM sector in Ghana~• To facilitate new collaborations and initiatives to implement changes across the sector and increase trust between stakeholders on how they can work together to drive change~• To effect changes in policy and practice in line with a roadmap identified through dialogue

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