Conservation and "Land Grabbing" in Rangelands: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

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Published: October 2014
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The International Land Coalition's Rangelands Initiative Issue Paper No. 5 examines the complex and evolving relationship between land rights and conservation. Drawing on a wide range of examples, it makes a series of recommendations for more strategic action to achieve win-win outcomes for both conservation and local communities.

This paper stems from the meeting Conservation and Land Grabbing: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? that took place in March 2013. Stakeholders from conservation NGOs, development organisations, and indigenous/community rights came together to explore interactions between conservation, land acquisitions, and community land rights. The meeting was organised by the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED)’s~Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG), in collaboration with the International Land Coalition (ILC), Zoological Society of London, and Maliasili Initiatives.