Report of SIFOR Partners' Workshop, Cusco Peru, 29 April - 4 May 2013,

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Published: July 2013
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SIFOR Workshop on Biocultural Innovation, Cusco, Peru

This five day workshop brought together the Smallholder Innovation for Resilience (SIFOR) research teams from India, Kenya, China and Peru, the Potato Park communities (Peru) and IIED to develop a common methodology for the SIFOR baseline study and action-research on biocultural innovation. The emerging findings of the qualitative baseline study on Technological, Market and Institutional Innovation in each country were presented; and key indicators for the quantitative survey were identified. ANDES presented its conceptual framework for action-research in the Potato Park, and a field visit to the Park enabled partners to learn about its diverse biocultural innovations and collective governance. A working definition of Biocultural Heritage Innovations was developed; and the potential of different policy tools and frameworks to protect them was explored.

SIFOR - “Smallholder Innovation for Resilience: Strengthening innovation for food security in the face of climate change” – is a five-year EC funded project which started in August 2012

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