TAMD Climate Change Indicator - Methodological Note. Indicator 5: Climate Information

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Published: March 2013
Product code:G03535

INDICATOR 5. USE OF CLIMATE INFORMATION~Extent to which climate information is (i) used to inform responses to climate change, and (ii) generated at all levels of society

This indicator is designed to assess the extent to which adaptation and adaptation-relevant development interventions are informed by information about climate change (nature, magnitude, rapidity, local manifestations, associated risks), and to which they help to generate new information about climate change.

The indicator can be used to assess the performance of an individual capacity building programme, through evaluation of the target system (e.g. ministry, sector, institution) at the beginning, during, and at the end of the programme.

The indicator may also be used to assess the use and generation of climate information by systems targeted by multiple programmes.