The case of the Nyabyumba United Farmers Group in Kabale district

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Published: May 2008
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The major research findings of the study were that to maintain this market, farmers needed to make tremendous changes in production, organization and marketing of their produce. Farmers adopted new technologies such as staggered production, micro-irrigation systems, new varieties, improved quality assurance methods, strict~planting schedules and keeping records on planting times, amounts planted, availability of planting materials, harvest date and expected yield at harvest.~Collective action and continuous collaboration of the farmers with research institutions derived positive results in capacity building of small-scale farmers and sustaining their participation in the dynamic supply chain. The main factors that enabled the farmers to sustain their inclusion in the chain included trust, mutual understanding and learning between members, strong group dynamics, effective local leadership, the common market, changes in individual attitude and commitment and also strong links and increased ability to experiment with Research and Development (R&D) organizations.

In conclusion, the Nyabyumba United Farmers Group case study demonstrates that participatory approaches allow farmers to achieve a better understanding of the challenges faced by each actor in the market chain and new innovations are important drivers that encourage farmers to move on together. Competitiveness is not static, but a dynamic concept, once achieved continuous adjustments must be made to maintain it. Furthermore, creation of a high level trust between the actors involved allows them to communicate efficiently, develop a shared vision and strategically implement activities that put that vision into practice. Research and Development organisations can help bring together different actors involved in the market chain to enhance collaboration among the chain actors, build human and social capital and foster competitiveness.

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