Pastoralism - Research, policy and practice: A new journal

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Published: January 2011
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Why a new journal?
Scientific papers on pastoralism are currently scattered in a wide variety of journals, and there is no central forum where researchers, policy-makers and practitioners can confront each other’s ideas and discuss the implications of their work. Pastoralism now provides this forum - publishing interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed articles on extensive livestock production systems throughout the world.

Pastoralism is a global phenomenon. From the semi-arid tropics to the Arctic, it is practiced in environments as varied as deserts and savannahs, marshes, high meadows, plains and tundra. By sourcing material worldwide, Pastoralism promotes the comparative analysis of this varied and widespread production system.

The journal publishes research and field experience that influences policy and practice, to improve the welfare of pastoral people, better conserve the environments in which they live, and contribute to broad economic development. Pastoralism is committed to publishing material not just by researchers but also by administrators and field workers who would not normally contribute to a scientific journal.

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