Pastoralism - Research, policy and practice, Vol 1 No 2

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Published: July 2010
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Volume 1 Number 2

This is the second issue of the new interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal on extensive livestock production systems. Contents include:
* Foot-and-mouth disease and market access: challenges for the beef industry in southern Africa
* Responses and reactions to Scoones et al.
* Social inequality and risk mitigation in the era of private land: Siberian pastoralists and land use change
* Pasture in Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan: common resource or private property?
* Going where the grass is greener: China Kazaks and the Oralman immigration policy in Kazakhstan
* Contested narratives of pastoral vulnerability and risk in Ethiopia’s Afar region
* Profitability of sheep farming and wildlife management in Patagonia
* The fat and the lean: review of production and use of milk by pastoralists