Social investment in Kazakhstan today and prospects for the future

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Published: January 2010
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In connection with a two-year initiative with the aim of improving the long-term economic, environmental and social stability of oil and gas investment in Kazakhstan, the Institute for Parliamentary Development conducted a survey with the goal of analysing the current state of social investment in Kazakhstan and prospects for the future. The survey was conducted at the request of the United Nations Development Program in Kazakhstan and the International Institute of Environment and Development (UK) with financial support from the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Kazakhstan. The opinions expressed in this summary are solely those of the Institute for Parliamentary Development. The survey focused on the social investment projects of oil and gas companies working in the Mangistau and Atyrau oblasts. The results of the study, highlighted in this Executive Summary, will form the basis for discussion at a workshop to be held in Astana in April 2009. The group surveyed was comprised of the oblast government bodies, representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and companies involved in the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan. A total of 40 respondents was surveyed, including eighteen companies working in the oil and gas sector.

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