Review of the legislative base for investments in oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Published: January 2010
Product code:G02764

The given work is devoted to description of various contractual alternatives that exist in the legislation of Kazakhstan from the point of view of historical, modern state and prospects of~development of the legislation in this area. The problem issues are identified in the given work from the legislative point of view, the analysis of the concession (concession-based) and contractual (SRP Agreements-based) systems of subsoil use in Kazakhstan. The analysis of the legislative status of various kinds of oil and gas contracts is also carried out by the Kazakhstan Constitution. The given work considers administrative and legislative procedures on acceptance of oil and gas contracts in Kazakhstan; their strong and weak sides, prospects for the future and the problem issues challenged in this sphere are also considered. The analysis of alternatives for resolving conflicts arising in oil and gas projects is considered from the point of view of the development of arbitration procedures in Kazakhstan, including the analysis of problem issues in this area. The work provides the analysis of the Kazakhstan’s approach in the present and the future for application of various stabilization measures in oil and gas contracts, it covers problem issues relating to the change of the legislation in this sector. The analysis is carried out of development of legislative guidelines on management of oil and gas contracts, in particular, of draft of the new Law of Kazakhstan about subsoils.