'Washirika': Raising awareness without mass media (PLA 41)

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Published: June 2001
Participatory Learning and Action
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Participatory Learning and Action series, issue 41

How do you raise awareness of current issues that could have a huge bearing on people's welfare without the use of media sources? This paper describes a project in Tanzania that employed 'field neighbours', people that visit neighbouring villages and engage people in conversations about current issues, as a way of making people more aware.

This article was published in PLA 41, a compilation of articles of general interest to participation practitioners (June 2001). Participatory Learning and Action (PLA, formerly PLA Notes) is the world's leading series on participatory learning and action approaches and methods. PLA publishes articles on participation aimed at practitioners, researchers, academics, students and activists. All articles are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board.

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