PLA 41: General Issue

This general issue of PLA Notes covers a variety of themes, from capacity building in Vietnam and social mapping in India, to transforming participatory facilitation in centres of education.

Article, 31 May 2001
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

June 2001

Editor: Holly Ashley

This edition also includes a Tips for Trainers that draws on the experience of Malawi's National Forestry programme, and our usual In Touch section, which includes book reviews, events, and e-participation.

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Prisoners with HIV/AIDS: A Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) initiative in Malaysia
C J Townsend

Assessment of the people-predator conflict through thematic PRA in the surroundings of Waza National Park Cameroon
H. Bauer and S. Kari

Multidisciplinarity in the PLA Context: Eight lessons from a research project on tourism and the environment
Levis M. Kavagi

Lessons from capacity building at Ha Giang, Vietnam
Neela Mukherjee, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong and Le Van Hong

Standing up to the limits and challenges of participatory methods and approaches in Cameroon
Michael Boboh Vabi

The use of 'typical families' to explore livelihoods and service provision in urban informal settlements, South Africa
Lucy Stevens and Sue Case

Transforming participatory facilitation: Reflections from practice
Lori Hanson and Cindy Hanson

Social mapping at Thenganayakanahalli village
Paranita Bhattachajee

Community participation in health: How does it work?
Grindl Dockery, Lyn Barry and Erica Hedley

'Washirika': Raising awareness without mass media
Paul Vare

Participatory as can be. A case study of an evaluation
Joanne Harnmeijer

LogFrames made easy
Martin Butcher

Tips for trainers