Financing long-term strategies: are least developed countries and funders aligned?

Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Where: Online
Woman sitting planting a plant.

Acacia trees being planted in Yangambi, Democratic Republic of Congo (Photo: Axel Fassio/CIFOR via FlickrCC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

This event on Tuesday, 19 October explored whether expectations from LDCs are being met for climate action in the form of long-term strategies and climate-finance delivery.

The Paris Agreement invited countries to formulate and communicate ‘long-term low greenhouse gas emissions development strategies’ (LTS). But it's not prescriptive on what a long-term strategy should look like, so countries must determine what suits them best in terms of both content and process. 

Such uncharted territory poses a unique challenge for least developed countries (LDCs). While several LDCs are in the process of developing their LTS (with one UNFCCC submission so far), the practice, politics and research around long-term strategies is woefully lacking in featuring the LDC experience – dominated so far by major emitters and emerging economies.


Elaine Harty (, senior coordinator, IIED's Climate Change research group