Clare Shakya's blog posts

10 October 2016 |

Clare Shakya sets out seven ways the World Bank can make its development aid sustainable and inclusive.

24 August 2016 |

Approaches developed in Mali, Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania offer insights for building resilience in areas facing risks of climate change, disasters and conflict.

1 July 2016 |

The UK must take action to reinforce its place as an international leader in climate change despite uncertainty posed by Brexit.

Clare Shakya's blog posts with other authors

Andrew Norton and Clare Shakya
14 February 2017 |

Climate change is happening, it's caused by humans and will have a negative impact on all our lives. So what are the facts – and what can 'ordinary' citizens do about it?

Marek Soanes and Clare Shakya
6 November 2016 |

Evidence from community-focused initiatives suggests that climate and development funds can deliver local finance by adopting six key structural changes.