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16 July 2018 |

Delegates to this week's UN High Level Political Forum on sustainable development will be considering the subject of resilience. Clare Shakya highlights some of the insights from CBA12 in Malawi that are relevant. 

2 May 2018 |

Ingenious and cost-effective solutions to climate change developed by vulnerable communities are hugely underfinanced. IIED is exploring further what’s blocking climate finance from reaching the local level and developing new insights for getting money to those on the front lines of climate action.  

3 November 2017 |

As renewable technology costs have plummeted in recent years, excitement about the off-grid renewable energy sector has exploded. Yet there are still some significant finance barriers to overcome.

20 June 2017 |

At the upcoming community-based adaptation conference in Kampala, our vibrant and growing community of practice will reflect on today's geopolitics around climate and development, and consider how we can be more influential in driving action on adaptation and resilience in the post-Paris world.

14 June 2017 |

President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement elicited a collective sigh of despair from the environmental community. But his action creates opportunities as well as challenges.

10 October 2016 |

Clare Shakya sets out seven ways the World Bank can make its development aid sustainable and inclusive.

24 August 2016 |

Approaches developed in Mali, Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania offer insights for building resilience in areas facing risks of climate change, disasters and conflict.

1 July 2016 |

The UK must take action to reinforce its place as an international leader in climate change despite uncertainty posed by Brexit.

Clare Shakya's blog posts with other authors

Andrew Norton and Clare Shakya
14 February 2017 |

Climate change is happening, it's caused by humans and will have a negative impact on all our lives. So what are the facts – and what can 'ordinary' citizens do about it?

Marek Soanes and Clare Shakya
6 November 2016 |

Evidence from community-focused initiatives suggests that climate and development funds can deliver local finance by adopting six key structural changes.