We have spokespeople and expert researchers available for interviews and comment on a wide range of topics relating to environment and development.

You can find details about the IIED experts who are available for comment below.

If you would like to interview anyone, please contact our media team in the first instance.

Simon Addison's picture

Principal researcher, Climate Change; team leader, public policy for climate resilient development

Areas of expertise: finance for climate resilience; innovation for climate resilience

Speaks French (intermediate)
Aditya Bahadur's picture

Principal researcher, Human Settlements

Areas of expertise: urbanisation and climate resilience; financing for resilience; ‘disruptive’ resilience; big data and artificial intelligence

Speaks Hindi (fluent)
Ritu Bharadwaj's picture

Principal researcher (climate governance and finance team), Climate Change

Areas of expertise: social protection; climate resilience; watershed and forest management; migration; modern slavery; gender and food security; loss and damage

Speaks Hindi, Bengali (basic), French (basic)
Liz Carlile's picture

Director of Communications

Areas of expertise: research communications; advocacy; strategic communications

Lorenzo Cotula's picture

Principal researcher (law and sustainable development) and team leader, legal tools, Natural Resources

Areas of expertise: land governance; natural resources; foreign investment; human rights; international law; investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)

Speaks Italian and French
Lucy Earle's picture

Principal researcher, Human Settlements

Areas of expertise: urban refugees; urban forced displacement; refugee and internally displaced people (IDP) wellbeing; urbanisation and humanitarian crises

Speaks French (fluent), Spanish and Portuguese
Alejandro Guarín's picture

Principal researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Areas of expertise: food systems; smallholder farming; small-scale entrepreneurship; food markets and retail; consumption and nutrition; global value chains

Speaks Spanish, German (basic)
Ced Hesse's picture

Senior fellow, Climate Change; team leader, climate resilience, productivity and equity in the drylands

Areas of expertise: livelihoods of dryland areas; pastoralism; devolved climate finance; resilience planning; climate adaptation

Speaks French
Tracy Kajumba's picture

Principal researcher, Climate Change; team leader, strengthening partnerships 

Areas of expertise: gender inequality; social exclusion and climate justice; adaptation monitoring; evaluation and learning

Laura Kelly's picture

Director, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Areas of expertise: trade and private sector; agricultural markets; responsible business

Speaks French (basic), Spanish (basic), Swedish (basic)
Duncan Macqueen's picture

Principal researcher and leader (forests), Natural Resources

Areas of expertise: forest enterprises; forests and climate action; forest restoration

Speaks Portuguese and Spanish (basic)
Andrew Norton's picture


Areas of expertise: social policy and climate resilience; pandemic impacts and inequality; green pandemic recovery in the global South; automation and inequality

Speaks French and Bambara
Cristina Pita's picture

Principal researcher and team leader, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Areas of expertise: small-scale fisheries; sustainable seafood markets; marine resource management; fisheries governance; coastal cultural heritage; small-scale fisheries seafood systems

Speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French (basic)
Dilys Roe's picture

Principal researcher and team leader (biodiversity), Natural Resources

Areas of expertise: biodiversity; conservation; illegal wildlife trade; trophy-hunting; community-based conservation; human rights

Speaks French (basic)
Anna Schulz's picture

Head of global climate law policy and governance programme, Climate Change

Areas of expertise: climate diplomacy; UN climate negotiations; negotiation and conflict resolution; transparency

Speaks French (intermediate), Spanish (basic)
Clare Shakya's picture

Director, Climate Change

Areas of expertise: climate adaptation; climate finance; energy governance

Speaks English, Nepali, Spanish (rusty)
Paul Steele's picture

Chief economist, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Areas of expertise: finnace; climate; environment; economics; debt; nature; development