Resilience and diversity in food systems

Building greater local control, resilience and diversity into agricultural and food systems

In order to feed a growing population, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa, food production needs to increase substantially. IIED is carrying out action research and policy advocacy to support the development of more sustainable, resilient and locally controlled farming systems that can withstand climatic and economic shocks.

But increasing production on its own will not guarantee that poor and vulnerable food producers and consumers have access to and can afford sufficient and nutritious food at all times. Even today the world produces enough food to feed everyone on the planet, but high levels of post-harvest losses, wastage and overconsumption mean this food is not available where it is most needed.

Our work on sustainable agriculture is therefore embedded in the institute's wider portfolio of research on sustainable and resilient food systems, integrating production and consumption aspects.

Contact: Barbara Adolph ([email protected]), principal researcher, Natural Resources.

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