Collaborative management of forests and wildlife in Vietnam


This project aims to conserve threatened biodiversity in the Bi Doup Nui Ba National Park in Vietnam through the introduction of collaborative forest and wildlife stewardship models based on negotiated tenure and access rights.

This project deals with land use by local communities and encroachment issues that threaten biodiversity in the Bi Doup-Nui Ba National Park area and buffer zone. It works with local communes and the park management board to develop and implement co-management
practices that will enable local communities to sustainably utilise natural resources within the park whilst protecting biodiversity. This will be done by:

  • Developing and implementing legal frameworks for community management
  • Building capacity of buffer zone villagers to negotiate, monitor and benefit from comanagement agreements
  • Establishing a core protection zone, surrounding land use boundaries and communityenforcement groups
  • Carrying out an economic feasibility study and developing and implementing a community
  • sustainable financing plan
  • Training/empowering communities to monitor their natural resources and manage access to resources and the core national park area
  • Reviewing and communicating lessons learned

Project objectives

To work with local communes  and the park management board to develop co-management
practices that will enable local communities to sustainably utilise natural resources within the park whilst protecting biodiversity.

Project links

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Project reports are available from the Darwin Initiative website.

Lessons learned report, Steve Swan 2010 - forthcoming
Market survey for developing potential CBET product and services in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, Nguyen Duc Hoa Cuong, 2010
Da Chays ecotourism concept paper, Nguyen Duc Hoa Cuong, 2010
Photo transect report, Nhan Phamtrong, 2010
Photo transect report, Nhan Phamtrong, 2009
A rapid survey of yellow-cheeked crested gibbon and bird species in Da Chais Commune,
BDNB NP with a view to developing an ecotourism programme in the area, Van Ngoc Thinh and Richard Craik, 2009

An investigation into the drivers of forest encroachment in BDNB NP, Nhan Phamtrong and Steve Swan, 2009
BDNB NP management assessment with emphasis on collaborative management with neighbouring farmers, Richard Sobey, 2008
An analysis of the livelihoods  in selected villages around the BDNB NP with a particular emphasis on establishing the  opportunities for community based - tourism enterprises, Le Quang Thong, 2008
A rapid review of the enabling environment and existing examples of collaborative special-use forest management in Vietnam, Steve Swan, 2008
Field assessment report on collaborative management at Bi Doup-Nui Ba National Park: current situation, opportunities and recommendations for collaborative management mechanisms in the area, Steve Swan, 2008


Darwin Initiative, UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


WWF Greater Mekong