Collaborative management of forests and wildlife in Vietnam

This project aimed to conserve threatened biodiversity in the Bi Doup Nui Ba National Park in Vietnam through the introduction of collaborative forest and wildlife stewardship models based on negotiated tenure and access rights.

2007 - 2011

This project dealt with land use by local communities and encroachment issues that threatened biodiversity in the Bi Doup-Nui Ba National Park area and buffer zone.

It worked with local communes and the park management board to develop and implement co-management practices that enabled local communities to sustainably utilise natural resources within the park while protecting biodiversity.

This was done by:

  • Developing and implementing legal frameworks for community management
  • Building the capacity of buffer zone villagers to negotiate, monitor and benefit from comanagement agreements
  • Establishing a core protection zone, surrounding land use boundaries and community enforcement groups
  • Carrying out an economic feasibility study and developing and implementing a community sustainable financing plan
  • Training/empowering communities to monitor their natural resources and manage access to resources and the core national park area, and 
  • Reviewing and communicating lessons learned.