PLA Notes 29: Performance and Participation

Journal (whole)
, 107 pages
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Published: June 1997
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692737
Product code:6123IIED

This edition includes general articles and a theme section looking at the use of performative media in participatory development This issue includes:

An article examining PRA in terms of transaction analysis.

A paper advocating the use of PRA for the evaluation of organisations.

An account of how PRA techniques were used to improve understanding of small farmers in Tripura, India.

A review of the effectiveness of agricultural research on farmers' farms.

An introduction to performance and participation.

Seven articles on Theatre for Development techniques

A paper outlining a range of creative tools available for in PRA.

A paper on using drawing and role plays for encouraging discussion in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Three articles on the use of video for facilitating dialogue.

An article on using drama as a three dimensional representation of dilemmas.

A paper on PRA and theatre for development in Southern India.

An article comparing drama techniques and visualisation techniques.

A paper on the facilitator's body language.

A paper on using Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed techniques.

A report on problems in organising a community self-survey in Tanzania

A brief guide to group dynamics and team building

Tips for Trainers: Using drama in PRA training