PLA 29: Performance and Participation

The special theme of this issue of Participatory Learning and Action is the use of performative media in participatory development.

Article, 31 May 1997
Participatory Learning and Action
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June 1997

Guest Editor: Andrea Cornwall

The contributors to the theme section examine how the creative potential of the arts can be used as part of a participatory process and how PRA practitioners might benefit from integrating performative and artistic media into the PRA process. Articles explore the use of participatory theatre to articulate and express the issues that affect people; the use of the language of theatre in participatory monitoring and evaluation; using ‘legislative theatre’ for policy research; using theatre in a participatory educational process; the use of visual and verbal art and video; intersections between theatre and PRA; and using drama in PRA training.

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Analysing communication in participatory appraisal
Katrin Linzer and Robert Kowalski

Using PRA in organisational self-assessment
Michael Edwards

Involving resource-poor farmers in agricultural extension
S.K. Pradhan

How big should on-farm trials be and how many plots should be measured?
William J. Fielding and Janet Riley

Performance and Participation

Performance and participation: an overview
Andrea Cornwall

Theatre for development, participatory monitoring and cultural feedback
Alex Mavrocordatos

Drama as a discussion starter in research and education
Korrie de Koning

Theatre and video for development
Francis Harding

A day in the village with 'positive people' or 'neno nigi kute ayaki'
Lenin Ogolla

Rehearsing for reality: using role-play to transform attitudes and behaviour
Rose Mbowa

From acting to taking action: forum and legislative theatre
Adrian Jackson

Asylum' - theatre for development in Oxford
Alison Norris

There's more than one art to creative PRA
Helen Gould

Using participatory group activities to understand psycho-social strategies for coping with conflict
Dieneke van der Wijk

Giving people a voice rather than a message
Lars Johansson and Dominick de Waal

Video: a tool for participation
Megan Lloyd Laney

Video and PRA in Eastern Burkina Faso
Eleanor Smithies

The act of participation: a context for linking drama and PRA
Rachel Searle-Mbullu and Kate Norrish

PRA and theatre for development in Southern India
Kirsty Smith, Susanna Wilford and Ruth O’Connell

Participatory approaches to the use of drama in sexual and reproductive health programmes
Gordon Gill

Dramatic behaviour in participatory training
Koos Neefjes

Drama, PRA and the academic institution
Pat Norrish

Feedback: Time, representation and feedback in participatory programme design
Steve Evison, with a response from Meera Kaul Shah


  • The need to cross-check the results of wealth ranking
    N. Naraynasamy and S. Manivei
  • Sexuality lifelines:-participatory assessment of reproductive health
    F. McConville

A brief guide to group dynamics and team building

Tips for Trainers: Using drama in PRA training