PLA Notes 26: General Issue

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Published: June 1996
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692706
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This general issue of PLA Notes covers a range of topics, with case studies from 11 countries. It includes:

An article on Participatory environmental valuation of forest resources in the Aberdares, Kenya

A paper on participatory research in Kenya to explore the impact of macro-economic policy on rural people's livelihoods.

Two papers on PRA projects in the Alpine regions of Switzerland.

A report ons the Matrix Ranking (MR) process, as applied to graziers' perceptions of plant species in New South Wales.

A report on a participatory mapping exercise in Madah, Central Tanzania. 

A paper on the use of a picture book for overcoming some of the difficult divisions made between locals and outside researchers in Burkina Faso and Holland.

An article describing how PRA techniques were used to help women's groups run by the Mother Saradadevi Social Service Society, India.

A paper on a livelihood monitoring system used by Oxfam in Southern Sudan.

An analysis of constraints associated with the use of participatory research when applied to large scale irrigation systems, based on work in Pakistan.

An article reporting on Kenya Agricultural Research Institute scientists using group interview techniques to incorporate the views of farmers into the research planning process.

A paper on the use of 'quality circles' - small groups of employees who evaluate their own work .

A paper advocating 'Process Observation', a process by which PRA can be monitored and evaluated according to its functioning.

A discussion about timing for starting PRA exercises.

A Tips for Trainers section.

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