RRA Notes 17: General issue

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Published: March 1993
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692607
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This general issue of RRA Notes includes the following papers:

An article discussing the outcomes of three workshops held in the Nhlangwini Ward, in southern KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa, during 1989.

A brief note describing a methodological innovation by Rama Gounder, a farmer from Tamil Nadu, which helped researchers learn about farmers' decision-making processes.

A note on the adaptation of matrix scoring in order to investigate local perceptions of agroecosystem properties.

An article reporting on the effectiveness of using a matrix to evaluate finger millet varieties in Zambia.

A paper on the use of a ranking exercise in the planning of an emergency programme in Angola. 
~A paper describing the key features of focus-group interviews, based on experience with the qualitative assessment of the primary health care and family planning services in Gujarat.

An article providing comparison of RRA and an intensive residential study in Marit, Plateau State, Nigeria.

A brief account of an all-women PRA organised by HIDA/MYRADA, highlighting the ways in which a PRA for and with women is different from experiences in which men are present.

A case study illustrating how mapping and ranking were used in the rice polders in Guinea Bissau.

A discussion of how PRA can be used to understand organisational cultures.

A brief note on methodological innovations in Burkina Faso with village network mapping.

Tips for Trainers: the Margolis Wheel.

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