RRA Notes 17: General Issue

This general issue of RRA Notes covers a number of methodologies and topics.

Article, 01 March 1993
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

March 1993

Raymond Auerbach et al

In the first of five articles describing the potential of ranking, Raymond Auerbach describes the use of visual techniques to determine development priorities in South Africa.  The next two contributions are from India, describing how ranking methods helped analyse farmers’ processes of decision making and sustainability analysis.  Michael Drinkwater writes about the effectiveness of using a matrix to evaluate finger millet varieties in Zambia.Another application of ranking was written by Marie-Noel Vieu who explores the potential for identifying priority areas of emergency relief supply. 

The issue also includes case studies from Nigeria, India and Guinea Bissau. 

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Correspondence corner

Helicopters at Nhlangwini
Raymond Auerbach

Resource flow – Venn diagrams: a two-in-one approach
Rama Gounder, K. Natarajamoorthy, C. Chinnusamy, P. Nasuredeen, R. Ganesan, N. Shanmugavalli, V. A. Sakunthala and J. Rao

Measuring agroecosystems properties: adaptation of the matrix scoring technique
M. Shanmugam, A. Palchamy, S. Jeeva, A. Kumar, K.C. John and Mr. and Mrs. Marappan

Sorting fact from opinion: the use of a direct matrix to evaluate finger millet varieties
Michael Drinkwater

Ranking in the planning of an emergency programme in Angola
Marie-Noelle Vieu

The role of focus group interviews in assessing the primary health care and family planning programme in India
Abusaleh Shariff and Pravin Visaria

Comparison of RRA and intensive residential study: the case of Marit, Plateau State, Nigeria
RRA Workshop Participants (Marit Team) and Newcastle University Expedition

Women's PRA in Hindupur
Eva Robinson

Examples of PRA in wetland development in Guinea Bissau
Koos Neefjes

Rapid appraisal of organisational cultures: a challenge for field work
Uwe Kievelitz and Rolf-Dieter Reineke

Methodological innovations in Burkina Faso with village network mapping
Irene Guijt

Tips for Trainers: the Margolis Wheel
Alan Margoli