RRA Notes 15: Wealth Ranking

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Published: May 1991
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692584
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Identifying the poor and ‘poorest of the poor’ continues both to be both necessary and difficult. The technique of wealth ranking has attracted much interest, and this issue includes the following articles:

A compendium of papers presented at IDS/IIED seminar on 'Wealth and Well-Being Ranking'.

A description of a wealth ranking exercise in the Gambia.

A paper on the problems of the use of official poverty line indicators to identify the poor, using examples from two villages in West Bengal.

An article on a variation of card sorting using beans in the Kivu Region, Eastern Zaire.

A paper on direct and indirect uses of wealth ranking in Mongolia.

A report by a team from Tamil Nadu University which describes the difficulties in discovering the most marginalised group in the small town.

A report on using housing conditions in Ethiopia as a proxy for income.

A report on FARMI's experiences of wealth ranking in the Philippines

A paper discussing the need for cultural sensitivity when doing PRA research and work, using a case study based in Nepal.

A brief note arguing that not only wealth related information but also accurate livestock details are difficult to obtain.

A report from a PRA in Gujarat which discovered a local villager who provided information on constructing shelters for poorer people.

A paper describing how a training centre for extension workers in the Emmental region of Switzerland used RRA to explore changes in the farming community.

The final contribution is a note on how to do wealth ranking using cards.

This edition also features a new section entitled Tips for Trainers.

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