RRA Notes 15: Applications of Wealth Ranking

This special edition of RRA Notes focuses on wealth ranking. 

Article, 30 April 1992
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

May 1992

Editor: Jules Pretty

During the autumn of 1991, the Institute of Development Studies  and IIED organised four seminars on key developments in the use of PRA.  These seminars identified several issues that merited extra attention in RRA Notes. One of these was wealth ranking, which this special issue focuses on. Wealth ranking has sparked much interest as identifying the poor and ‘poorest of the poor’ continues both to be both necessary and difficult. The myth of relative well-being as a sensitive topic is being challenged and has led to innovations such as the visualisation of poverty on maps produced by large groups. 

This issue of RRA Notes includes case studies from the Gambia, India, Zaire, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Nepal, and Switzerland.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Content can be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is fully acknowledged. 

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The elusive poor: a wealth of ways to find them. Report on an IDS/IIED seminar on wealth and well-being ranking
Irene Guijt

Wealth ranking in the Gambia: which households participated in the FITT programme?
Marie-Therese Sarch

Villagers' perceptions of rural poverty through the mapping methods of PRA
Neela Mukherjee

The ‘beans-game’ – experiences with a variation of wealth ranking in the Kivu Region, Eastern Zaire
Stefanie S. Schaefer


 Direct and indirect uses of wealth ranking in Mongolia
Robin Mearns, D. Shombodon, G. Narangerel, U. Turul, A. Enkhamgalan, B. Myagmarzhav, A. Bayanjargal and B. Bekhsuren

Finding the poorest in a Tamil Nadu village: a sequence of mapping and wealth ranking
Jules Pretty, S. Subramanian, N. Kempu Chetty, D. Ananthakrishnan, C. Jayanthi, S. Muralikrishnasamy and K. Renganayaki

A simple method for scoring housing conditions as income proxy in Ethiopia
Mauro Ghirotti

FARMI's experiences of wealth ranking in the Philippines: different farmers have different needs
F.T. Banlina and Ly Tung

Cultural sensitivities on the rapid appraisal team
Donald A. Messerschmidt

Interviewing cows
Kassaye Hadgu, Mohammed Yisehak and Girmay Tekle

An architect from a different school
Ranjit Ambastha and Meera Shah

Together get a grip on the future: RRA in the Emmental of Switzerland
Ueli Scheuermeier and Raymond Ison

A user's note on wealth ranking by cards and list of sources on wealth ranking
Irene Guijt

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