RRA Notes 14: General issue

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, 67 pages
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Published: December 1991
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692577
Product code:6083IIED

This issue of RRA Notes contains eight articles covering a range of participatory and RRA methodologies. It includes:

A paper comparing rainfall information supplied by farmers in Nepal with 'real' data of meteorological stations and concludes that the farmers' information represents a good approximation.

An article showing how RRA can be used as a method for identifying, exploring and analysing intra-communal differences.

A report on participatory modelling work in North Omo, Ethiopia

A humorous account of a field visit with District Officers in India, where the technique of 'shoulder tapping' was used to interrupt officers who tried to give advice to the farmers.

A report on the "pass on the pen" approach which was used to identify the poorest families eligible for credit assistance under the Integrated Rural Development programme in Anantapur District, India.

An article on the use of the school essay method used in Bong County, Liberia as a way of learning from school students about perceptions of latrines.

A paper highlighting misconceptions which limit researchers in their research on local knowledge about crop health.

A report on a PRA exercise in Andra Pradesh using the diary approach.

This issue also features a report on the RRA Notes Readership Survey as well as the regular Endnotes section.

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