RRA Notes 14: General Issue

This issue of RRA Notes contains eight articles covering a range of participatory and RRA methodologies. It also reviews the results of the first RRA Notes readership survey.

Article, 01 December 1991
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

December 1991

In this issue, Gerry Gill reviews the reliability of data collected in PRA and RRA work. Alice Welbourn describes the value of mapping and seasonality analyses for exploring intracommunal differences in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Bangladesh. Ejigu Jonfa and his colleagues describe how they encouraged Ethiopians to produce map-models of their village. Anil Shah and K Chandramouli look at innovative uses of  simple techniques during fieldwork in India.

K Chandramouli’s discusses identifying and providing support to the poor. Jennifer Sutton and Blair Orr describe the use of the school essay method as a means of learning from school students about their perceptions of latrines. James Fairhead sets out hints for investigators concerned with understanding farmers’ management of crop health. Somesh Kumar and A Santhi Kumari employ the diary approach to describe their work in an Andhra Pradesh village.

The final article is the review of the RRA Notes Readership Survey. 

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But how does it compare with the REAL data?
Gerard J. Gill

RRA and the analysis of difference
Alice Welbourn

Participatory modelling in North Omo, Ethiopia: investigating the perceptions of different groups through models
Ejigu Jonfa, Haile Mariam Tebeje, Tadesse Dessalegn, Hailu Halala and Andrea Cornwall

Shoulder tapping: a technique of training in Participatory Rural Appraisal
Anil Shah

‘Pass on the pen’ approach: identifying the poorest of the poor families
K Chandramouli

The use of the school essay as an RRA technique: a case study from Bong County, Liberia
Jennifer A. Sutton and Blair D`Orr

Methodological notes on exploring indigenous knowledge and management of crop health
James Fairhead

The Thippapur experience: a PRA diary
Somesh Kumar and A Santhi Kumari

RRA Notes Readership Survey
The Editors