Karonga Town: Growth and Risk Profile

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Published: May 2016
Product code:21786G

The paper presents an overview of the historical growth of Karonga Town, Malawi and reviews the level of service delivery, various risks in the town and how these impact livelihoods. This paper is based on document reviews, site visits, key informant interviews and consultations of stakeholders who included central and local government institutions, para-state organisations, non-government organisations and community based Disaster Risk Management (DRM) committee members.

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Manda, M., Kamlomo, D., Mphande, C., Wanda, E., Msiska, O., Kaunda, J. and Kushe, J. (2016). Karonga Town: Growth and Risk Profile. IIED, London; KCL, London.
Available at https://www.iied.org/21786g