Climate-induced migration and health issues: a toolkit for policymakers

Working paper
, 18 pages
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Published: December 2022
ISBN: 9781837590148
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Loss and damage is an urgent concern, driven by the increasingly harmful effects of climate change. Communities are experiencing new types and forms of climate impact, of higher frequency and intensity, which they are not equipped to handle. These impacts compel vulnerable communities to migrate to find alternative livelihoods and ways to survive. But migration generates grave socioeconomic consequences.

Through case study analysis from 12 regions in Asia, Africa and the Pacific, this paper explores how climate change-induced migration is creating physical health, mental health and wellbeing issues — both for migrants and the families they leave behind.

It then provides recommendations to policymakers on how to strengthen policy, planning and response frameworks to support communities manage health and wellbeing risks created by climate impacts.

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