Tackling loss and damage: lessons from vulnerable countries

IIED Briefing
, 4 pages
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Published: October 2021
ISBN: 9781784319274
Product code:20546IIED

Communities and ecosystems around the world are experiencing unprecedented extreme weather events. Driven by climate change these shocks will worsen with every increment of global heating, exposing billions of people to catastrophic loss and damage — from loss of life, land, homes, income, opportunity and cultural identity, to damaged infrastructure, ecosystems, essential services and sustainable development.

Governments of vulnerable countries must prepare, respond and protect their people and ecosystems, but are hampered by a lack of guidance on how loss and damage should be addressed in practice, who should foot the bill, and a lack of technical support.

Based on IIED research, interviews and dialogues with community representatives and government officials from least developed countries and Small Island Developing States , this briefing considers practical solutions to the unique challenge of loss and damage that they face.

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