2009 Development and Climate Days film festival highlights

Article, 22 July 2010

The 2009 Development and Climate Days film festival featured films from 50 countries.

The film festival that was held as part of the 2009 Development and Climate (D&C) Days was a popular feature of the four-day event.

The short films represented the work of amateur and independent film-makers. Many of the films demonstrated the impacts of climate change on vulnerable regions and population groups, as well as adaptation and action measures. Numerous film makers were present at D&C Days and participated in discussions about their work. 

We've picked out the top nine films which we particularly enjoyed. The details of the films are below, and you can see the films on IIED's YouTube channel.

  1. Amiham: A tourist island off the coast of Cebu Island, Philippines is struck by the Amihan monsoon. The locals are a bit confused since the monsoon was supposed to end a month earlier.
  2. Afloat: Bangladesh adapts to climate change (part onepart two |  part three | part four): Tara Pada's home is an island in southern Bangladesh. For him and other rural people eking out a living, life is changing radically as climate change grips.
  3. Yi, the Sun Warrior: Chinese youth present an animated take on the energy challenge and sustainable urban life-styles
  4. The Earth Story: Animation highlights climate change caused by human activity over the past generations.
  5. Voices for Climate Change: Music video featuring 25 Jamaican artists united to spread a message about climate change.
  6. Tofiga O Pili Aau: This participatory video documents climate change issues and adaptation measures, seen through the eyes of the Samoan People.
  7. The president's Dilemma: Anote Tong is President of Kiribati – 33 atoll islands in the Pacific. Tong is faced with a dilemma the likes of which most government leaders couldn't imagine.
  8. The other CO2 problem: An animation on the relatively unknown issue of ocean acidification.
  9. Janeemo An innovative development programme in southern Malawi, promoting the use of tree-based biofuels and their by-products.
  10. Diffa: Les premiers matins du monde: The ancient tradition of pastoral nomadism in landlocked Niger in West Africa is a source of huge cultural wealth in one of the poorest countries on earth.

IIED YouTube channel We couldn't show all the films on this page so go to our YouTube channel to see more.

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