Safeguarding the future, securing Shangri-La - Integrating environment and development in Nepal

Research report
, 86 pages
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Published: May 2012
Environmental Governance
ISBN: 9781843698593
Product code:17512IIED

Nepal has abundant natural assets which underpin the economy and a very diverse ethnic and cultural heritage. These provide a strong platform for sustainable development. But the country suffers from the pervasive degradation of its environment and there is widespread poverty. As Nepal emerges from a period of conflict, the opportunity has emerged to safeguard and manage the environment wisely and build the future on a sustainable basis, and in this way secure a transition to a green economy.

This report, produced by leading Nepali thinkers, explores efforts over the past twenty years to mainstreaming the environment in planning and decision-making, and presents case studies which can act as springboards for further action. It also examines the drivers and challenges to such mainstreaming and makes recommendations for further action. The evidence presented makes a compelling case for change and investing in the environment.