Upscaling solutions. The role of conditional transfers for poverty reduction and ecosystem management

Working paper
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Published: March 2016
ISBN: 9781784312404
Product code:16050IIED

While policymakers juggle policy objectives, budgets and votes, protecting the environment rarely gets the same political traction as poverty reduction. But as the Sustainable Development Goals are introduced, governments will need to tackle both issues simultaneously. This paper looks at ways to combine economic instruments that tackle both social and environmental objectives at the same time. It looks at eight countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America using payments for ecosystem services (PES) or conditional social transfers (CST) at a national level to alleviate poverty and address environmental problems – from guaranteed employment to improve soil in India, to compensation during seasonal fishing bans in Bangladesh. It examines the challenges, the opportunities and the lessons for upscaling these policies in the new era of Sustainable Development Goals.