Essam Mohammed

Essam Yassin Mohammed was head of blue economy, in IIED's Shaping Sustainable Markets, until May 2020

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Languages: English, Arabic, Tigrinya (native), Amharic and Japanese
Essam Yassin Mohammed's work focuses on environmental and development economics, including the economic valuation of environmental resources and the use of economic instruments for natural resource governance.

He is particularly interested in the economics of ocean and fisheries and is currently researching the use of economic incentives for marine and coastal conservation and sustainable fisheries management. He is also researching the use of fiscal reforms and market-based instruments for sustainable financing of natural resources governance in the developing world.

He has experience of working in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Before IIED, he was head of the Fisheries Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Fisheries, Eritrea.


Development economics; environmental economics; economic valuation of the environment; economics of fisheries; financial inclusion; payments for ecosystem services.

Experience in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh), Africa (Eritrea, Tanzania, Mozambique and Mali) and Latin America (Brazil, Costa Rica). 

Before IIED

Fisheries scientist and head of Fisheries Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Fisheries, Eritrea.

PhD in International Development, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University (Japan); MSc in International Development (GPA 4.0), Nagoya University (Japan); BSc in Marine Biology and Fisheries Science, Asmara University (Eritrea).

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