Measuring fairness in supply chain trading relationships: A methodology guide

Reports/papers (non-specific)
, 30 pages
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Published: October 2012
ISBN: 9781843698760
Product code:16042IIED

This Methodology Guide and accompanying survey tool are designed to help businesses better understand the sustainability of their trading relationships. It does so by measuring how actors along the supply chain perceive the fairness of the relationships they are involved in. Understanding these perceptions is the first step in improving the long-term viability of these relationships and in developing mutually beneficial arrangements.

The Guide comprises five parts:~• Part one describes the conceptual framework for the development of sustainable supply chains involving smallholders in developing countries, of which the measurement of buyer–supplier relationships is a part.~• Part two explains the measurement process~– survey method and questionnaire design~– and provides practical guidance on sampling and the administration of the survey.~• Part three covers the analysis of the survey data and interpretation of the results.~• Part four outlines dissemination and impact.~• Part five reviews some of the data limitations that still need to be resolved.