The how, when and why of community organisational support: Uplink Yogyakarta in Indonesia

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Published: August 2009
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In 2006, an earthquake with a magnitude of5.9 on the Richter scale hit the outskirts of th eIndonesian city of Yogyakarta. The earthquake only lasted 55 seconds, but during this short time it destroyed the homes of hundreds and thousands of people and affected many communities in Central Java.This paper describes the work of Uplink Yogyakarta (UY) in providing emergency aid in 52local government areas and subsequently in reconstruction and development. UY focuses on supporting urban and rural poor communities’ processes, rather than imposing its own projects or programmes. UY worked with these communities with a very small budget and on a long-term basis to rebuild and to reverse the negative social impacts of the municipal government’s post-disaster compensation scheme.

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