About the Gatekeeper series

The Gatekeeper series of publications highlights case studies from across IIED's areas of research, and shares innovative work and experiences, primarily from our partners.

Cutting cocoa in Ghana. Credit: James Mayers

Each Gatekeeper paper provides a succinct review of an issue of contemporary importance and makes preliminary recommendations for policy-makers, researchers and planners. The series presents a diversity of perspectives, both from within and outside IIED, and with a special focus on work by Southern authors. All geographic regions are covered, although the main focus is on Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In April 2014, the publication series was relaunched, in terms of design, content and style. In addition to Gatekeeper will now have an increased digital profile, and the focus on case studies will be used to highlight experiences and lessons that are of interest to organisations in different countries.

Established in 1987, the Gatekeeper series previously predominantly highlighted emerging issues and new perspectives in natural resource management, livelihoods and sustainable agriculture. 

"We have found the Gatekeeper series to be of significant relevance because of the subjects treated and the condensed and incisive nature of the documents" - Robert Brinkman

Papers covered a huge range of topics from global restructuring and agri-food systems to participatory plant breeding. Gatekeeper papers have dealt with equity, gender, research methods, 'ways of knowing', institutions, participatory methods, wildlife, and many dimensions of sustainable agriculture and the health of the natural resource base.

Successes and constraints in using participatory methods in localised projects and research exercises have also formed a recurring theme over almost two decades, and the broad thematic areas covered by the series are reflected in the back issues.

The series reaches over 4,000 policymakers, researchers and planners in 121 countries.

More information

For abstracts and full text of the back issues, search the Publications Library or contact gatekeeper@iied.org.

Back issues are no longer available in print format, and can only be obtained digitally.