PLA 60: Community-based adaptation to climate change

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, 224 pages
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Arabic, English
Published: December 2009
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843697299
Product code:14573IIED

This special edition of Participatory Learning and Action focuses on community-based adaptation to climate change (CBA).

CBA brings together those working in the fields of disaster risk reduction, community development, and climate change science. Good CBA is community-driven, empowering, and strengthens local capacity.

The first section of this issue looks at participation processes and practice for CBA. This is followed by a set of case studies and details of participatory tools for CBA.

The papers discuss how community-based approaches to climate change have emerged, and the similarities and differences between a community-based approach and other participatory development and disaster risk reduction approaches.

The articles also highlight innovative participatory methods which are being developed in order to help communities analyse the causes and effects of climate change, to integrate scientific and community knowledge about climate change, and to plan their adaptation measures.

The Tips for Trainers section includes an article about Communication Maps. The In Touch section includes a variety of resources for climate change adaptation.