Investing in locally controlled forestry in Mozambique

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Published: December 2013
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This report summarises a strategic assessment of the potential of different options for investing in locally controlled forestry (ILCF), with a strong focus on local enterprise development. It looks in particular at the Province of Niassa in Mozambique. This assessment has its origins in mutual engagement by both SIDA and IIED in a dialogue process on ILCF. The process brought together more than 400 investors, local right-holders and forest experts from across eleven different locations, to advance understanding on ILCF. IIED’s long-standing support to the forest sector in Mozambique provided an opportunity to explore what options for ILCF existed in Mozambique, in part to inform Sweden’s new country strategy for Mozambique. This report was written by Isilda Nhantumbo (IIED), Duncan Macqueen (IIED), Regina Cruz (IUCN), Antonio Serra (Rural Consult).

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Nhantumbo, I., Macqueen, D., Cruz, R. and Serra, A. (2013). Investing in locally controlled forestry in Mozambique. IIED, London.
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