Planning with uncertainty: using scenario planning with African pastoralists

, 29 pages
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English, Français
Published: July 2009
ISBN: 9781843697435
Product code:12562IIED

The purpose of this booklet is to illustrate how the idea of scenario planning is being used to help pastoralists in Africa manage uncertainty and change. It is written with community development workers primarily in mind - for those who may be interested in facilitating scenario planning with communities and wish to know more about it. It describes the process involved and discusses the benefits, challenges and implications of the approach.

There are four sections. After a brief introduction the first section gives a flavour of the three experiences from which this booklet is drawn – two in Kenya and one in Niger. The second section discusses the role of the facilitator while the third describes the main elements of a scenario planning process. The final section offers some concluding reflections.

The booklet includes a DVD. To request a copy contact Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK), PO Box 10565-00100, Nairobi, Ngong Rd, Kenya. Email: [email protected]

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