Xiaoxue Weng's blog posts

27 April 2017 |

Photo story focuses on making cotton policies work for small farmers in Zambia

19 April 2017 |

A photo story on tackling illegal logging in Zambia's forests explores how the lives of villagers are affected

31 March 2016 |

Can Chinese business engagement ensure sustainability and benefit the poor? Our research suggests complex factors shape their operations – of which Chinese policies play only a minor role. 

31 March 2015 |

Understanding Africa's burgeoning informal economy – where rural communities make their living by working with/for small-scale Chinese businesses in natural resources extraction and production – is critical for assessing China's impacts on the continent and designing policies that work for the rural poor in Africa.

2 May 2014 |

Chinese journalists rarely report from Africa. As a result, the Chinese public knows little about the continent – and even less about the environmental and development challenges associated with Chinese investment and consumption decisions.