Rosalind Goodrich's blog posts

25 January 2018 |

From the inside out, IIED is taking measures to integrate gender equality into every aspect of our work. Rosalind Goodrich and Morgan Williams report back on institutional learning so far.

3 January 2018 |

There is a risk that policymakers working on the Sustainable Development Goals see the 17 goals as 17 separate issues and fail to integrate efforts to achieve them. Rosalind Goodrich reports on a forum that looked at how natural capital accounting can encourage an integrated approach to achieving the SDGs and provide useful information for policy decisions.

17 November 2017 |

Is the desire to maximise impact through embedded systems cramping our communications creativity? Rosalind Goodrich discusses whether communicators need to relax and be more experimental and entrepreneurial. 

27 March 2017 |

It's never too early to start planning a communications and engagement strategy, and Rosalind Goodrich argues that ideally means at the point of designing research.

1 August 2016 |

How to engage a policy audience in an approach they are not familiar with – what we've learnt from our work with WAVES.

12 May 2015 |

A visit to Rwanda with the WAVES programme brings up the question of whether you should communicate when it seems you have nothing substantial to say.

23 February 2015 |

Being disciplined about focusing on what people need to know rather than what you want to tell them will lead to a more effective communications and engagement strategy that resonates with audiences.

15 January 2015 |

The New Year encourages a revival of good intentions and resolutions to work harder at ensuring our research contributes to change.

22 May 2014 |

Protecting an island paradise shouldn't come down to money, but it sometimes seems that way for those trying to ensure that development in the Seychelles is not at the cost of its rich biodiversity.

10 March 2014 |

Life's too short for long, dull text – and when life itself is the topic, it is critical to get the message across in a quick, clear way.