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5 September 2016 |

Conservation at a crossroads: Phil Franks explains why conservation must take fairness more seriously.

29 March 2016 |

What's fair when it comes to conservation? Phil Franks explains how a new research tool is providing some insights.

11 May 2015 |

Conservation efforts are increasingly supposed to achieve equity – but what does this mean and how can it be assessed? Phil Franks shares some ideas that may help.

5 December 2014 |

Last month's once-a-decade World Parks Congress didn't talk enough about 'equity' when managing protected areas — but at least it's on the agenda.

23 September 2014 |

The World Parks Congress (WPC) is held once in 10 years and it's almost time for the next one. As expectations build for the event, it's a good time to consider our early experience with the Social Assessment of Protected Areas (SAPA) initiative.  

11 March 2014 |

A new framework for assessing the social impacts of protected areas will be key to ensuring conservation is effective, and contributes to human well-being and poverty reduction.

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Xiaoting Hou Jones and Phil Franks
21 August 2017 |

As part of a new interdisciplinary partnership, IIED will be working with sector experts, scientists and practitioners to better understand and manage the growing competition for land in sub-Saharan Africa, as governments seek to balance food production with forest conservation targets.