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12 July 2018 |

Neha Rai, senior climate researcher at IIED, says the Green Climate Fund needs to reform its decision-making processes – and there is no more time to waste.

6 July 2018 |

Countries need to know whether their efforts to adapt to climate change are working. The first in a new series of webinars discussed approaches that can help governments assess their progress.

24 June 2016 |

As the Green Climate Fund's board meets to decide on a second round of spending it needs to prioritise initiatives that will reach the climate vulnerable, rather than large-scale business as usual investments. 

9 May 2016 |

The 10th community-based adaptation conference culminated in Dhaka last week with a strong message to engage communities in climate change action. This implies a greater role for local governments and communities in determining how climate-related decisions are made. 

28 October 2015 |

As the Green Climate Fund meets to select projects for funding, is the current funding criteria prioritising a business as usual approach?

28 August 2015 |

IIED is co-hosting a regional forum with UNDP in Jakarta, Indonesia, to share learning and experience on making sure climate finance works for sustainable development.

11 July 2014 |

The Green Climate Fund is ready to get going, thanks to a successful meeting held in South Korea recently, but there is still some work to do, and there are still no firm pledges [PDF] from developed countries in spite of recent progress.

28 February 2014 |

The UN climate change convention's Green Climate Fund (GCF), aims to help countries adopt "transformational" pathways to low carbon, climate resilient development. Its 6th board meeting last week in Bali yielded mixed results for the world's most poor and climate vulnerable countries.

8 July 2013 |

As developing countries transition towards low carbon economies, governments must take difficult decisions about how they should scale up their renewable energy sectors. Initiatives, such as the Scaling-up Renewable Energy Programme (SREP), aim to catalyse investments in renewables, often with outside support from the private sector. But they face tough choices between investing in proven or novel low-carbon technologies, and between large-scale and small-scale approaches.

Neha Rai's blog posts with other authors

Paul Steele and Neha Rai
16 February 2015 |

The main impacts of climate change are being felt by poor families, which means that poor women and men must be at the centre of the climate change finance debate.

Barry Smith and Neha Rai
18 November 2014 |
Britain says it will donate 'strongly' at this week’s Green Climate Fund (GCF) pledging meeting. But there are arguments within the board on how countries can access and spend the fund.