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14 March 2016 |

Getting community engagement right – making sure it is 'meaningful' – is critical to the social licence to operate for oil, gas and mining projects. Government and industry responsibilities in this respect are equally important.

30 September 2014 |

Donors, governments and businesses need to collaborate more strategically to finance pro-poor energy access. This is a key message from a new IIED discussion paper Sharing the Load.

31 July 2014 |

What will it take to deliver modern energy services to the poor – particularly those in rural Africa who need decentralised energy? What are the barriers to transformative change and what opportunities should be seized today?

28 May 2014 |

Local communities most affected by oil, gas or mining projects often receive very little information about potential impacts and benefits. Transparency initiatives need to be more inclusive and relevant to local needs.

7 August 2013 |

How do you raise $1 trillion dollars of investment in 17 years? That’s what the International Energy Agency says is needed to achieve the UN’s goal of universal energy access by 2030.

7 June 2013 |

From crowdfunding platforms to development banks, the private sector can have a big impact in low-income energy markets.

23 May 2013 |

The world is finally waking up to the need for transparency in business deals. New EU transparency legislation was announced earlier this month and next month transparency will be a major theme at the G8 summit. This week the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has its bi-annual conference, and the UK and France have just announced they will join the initiative. The big question is can greater transparency help sustainable development?

29 March 2012 |

This year sees the launch of the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon creating a high-level group to mobilize action. We support the goals of this initiative but – like other observers – we feel it requires more ambition and focus. Key priorities should be reducing poverty through access to modern energy services, and ensuring equitable access to electricity and consumption of energy resources (such as gas, oil and biomass).

17 January 2012 |

<p>On 23 January 2012, Bulgaria&rsquo;s new President, Rosen Plevneliev, will start his new job. What does this mean for <a href="http://www.iied.org/blogs/new-president-what-does-this-mean-for-bulgaria%E2%80%99s-energy-sector"><strong>Bulgaria&rsquo;s energy sector</strong></a>?</p>