EITI and sustainable development: perspectives from Aktau, Kazakhstan

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Published: January 2013
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Kazakhstan joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in 2005 and passed the five sign-up requirements to become a Candidate country in 2009. It hopes to pass Validation and become a fully Compliant country in 2013.

EITI is a voluntary global initiative to promote revenue transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors that requires countries to declare the revenues they receive from companies, and companies to declare what they pay. In discussions around EITI in Kazakhstan, proponents feel there should be more relevance to the regions outside Kazakhstan’s major cities, Astana and Almaty. This includes addressing issues such as how extractive industry-related funds are spent locally and how civil society, industry and government engage at the local level.

In order to explore these issues, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the Regional Aarhus Centre(Zhayik-Kaspy), and the local civil society organisation Eko-Mangistau convened a meeting on 28th and 29th May 2012 in Aktau, a small town and oil industry hub on Kazakhstan’s west coast.

The aim was to discuss EITI and broader issues of transparency and good governance in the oil and gas sector. The meeting was sponsored by the Soros Foundation, Kazakhstan, and is part of a series of meetings on EITI supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Kazakhstan. Present were 30 representatives of the Akimat (regional government), maslikhat (local elected council), companies, and civil society organizations (CSOs), including participants from CSOs in neighbouring Aktau and from Astana and Almaty.

This publication forms part of IIED’s work to identify pathways towards inclusive and responsible mining.

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