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18 October 2017 |

The idea of a 'Special Planning Area' might not immediately be alluring. But for the residents of Mukuru, one of the largest 'slums' in Nairobi, this mundane phrase hides the potential for a radical transformation in their homes and lives.

14 June 2017 |

Our new research ethics policy provides a practical framework for putting IIED's high ethical principles into practice. 

30 January 2017 |

At a meeting of community organisations in Ibadan, Nigeria, local government officials and academics explored how to deal with the risks facing Africa's urban poor. Challenging long-held assumptions about how African cities work – and who holds the power – will be key to tackling the build-up of risk.

2 June 2016 |

Taking an urban approach can help identify who is at risk of 'being left behind' and how this can be avoided.

6 May 2016 |

A growing number of refugees and displaced people are living in cities in East Africa and the Horn of Africa – but governments are slow to recognise and meet their needs.

15 September 2015 |

While the plight of Syrian refugees trying to get to Europe is grabbing attention, far more are living in cities and towns in the region. IIED hosted a recent workshop to look at how their needs can be best met.

19 February 2015 |

As cities in Asia face up to the challenges of a changing climate, municipal authorities are finding partnerships with researchers can help inform practice and policy.

24 June 2014 |

How do poverty and vulnerability to climate change overlap? If you're to tackle either issue in urban contexts how must you engage with the other? How can practitioners in cities, in national government agencies and international organisations support urban development that reduces risk and boosts low-income residents' standard of living? And how can community-led processes reduce poverty and build resilience?

17 March 2014 |

Climate change, health and urban resilience are all connected, and this means research and policy in these arenas must join up.

13 March 2014 |

Today IIED publishes an outline of 'our thinking' on research ethics, an output of our most recent strategy's 'research quality' objective. With our current strategy period at an end, and a brand new strategy launched this month, it is time to reflect on why we pursued that objective and where we might go next. 

22 November 2013 |

Cities finally got the attention they deserve at the UN climate change conference’s first ever Cities Day, but representatives from least developed cities and grassroots groups barely got a look in, says David Dodman.

27 September 2013 |

Journalists can remind city officials and urban residents about 'hidden finance' for climate resilience, and ensure the money gets well spent, says David Dodman.

13 September 2012 |

What does excellent research mean? And how can it be achieved? We have developed a booklet that sets out a vision of how excellent policy and action research that contributes to sustainable development can be carried out.

David Dodman's blog posts with other authors

Susannah Fisher and David Dodman
21 July 2016 |

How can urban planners deal with the unpredictable future impacts of climate change? IIED researchers visited two Indian cities to see how a learning-based approach can help.

Loan Diep and David Dodman
21 April 2015 |

Are indicators a useful way of increasing resource efficiency and resilience in cities – and if so, which indicators are most valuable? Loan Diep and David Dodman report back from the ICLEI World Congress.