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13 July 2018 |

The Paris Agreement calls for Parties to communicate their long-term, low greenhouse gas emission development strategies by 2020. Achala Abeysinghe looks at how to ensure good governance for these strategies. 

21 November 2017 |

Achala Abeysinghe reports back from COP23 and asks whether the outcomes of this year's UN climate summit will be enough to keep the Paris Agreement on course.

12 November 2016 |

A month ago, a male friend of mine – a university professor – told me that the topic of gender equality should be discussed in a manner that is 'non-threatening to men'. My answer to him was 'when you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression'. 

16 May 2016 |

As discussions get under way in Bonn on the next steps for the Paris Agreement on climate change, Achala Abeysinghe looks at what needs to be achieved.

13 November 2015 |

In response to comments from the US Secretary of State, Achala Abeysinghe sets out nine key reasons why the Paris climate agreement must be legally binding.

9 November 2015 |

As ministers from 80 countries gather in Paris for pre-meetings ahead of COP21, Achala Abeysinghe sets out a clear direction of travel for them to follow.

19 October 2015 |

As climate talks ahead of COP21 start in Bonn, Achala Abeysinghe says the draft on the table is not strong enough to address climate change, and identifies 11 ways in which it can be strengthened.

2 September 2015 |

With the latest round of climate negotiations under way in Bonn, Achala Abeysinghe reports on concerns that the burden for an ambitious and equitable agreement falls disproportionately on the backs of the poorest and most the vulnerable.

24 July 2015 |

A Dutch legal ruling sets a precedent on the need for national action on climate change – and hope for citizens seeking to hold their governments to account.

17 June 2015 |

Some progress was made at the Bonn climate negotiations in June, but much remains to be done.

1 June 2015 |

As UN climate negotiations resume in Bonn (1-11 June), momentum is building for a new climate agreement in Paris this December.

16 February 2015 |

Progress in Geneva has meant a good start to the climate negotiations on the road to Paris, with elements in the text offering the possibility of a fair deal for developing countries.

6 February 2015 |

Climate negotiators meeting in Geneva this week (8-13 February) have crucial work to do if governments are to reach a global agreement in Paris in December. Achala Abeysinghe looks at the road ahead.

6 October 2014 |

The unsung heroes of the UN climate summit were the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), says Achala Abeysinghe.

7 November 2013 |

For a new global climate agreement to be truly equitable — and get global buy-in — it must share the burden of adaptation as well as that of mitigation, says Achala C. Abeysinghe. 

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Clare Shakya and Achala C Abeysinghe
14 June 2017 |

President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement elicited a collective sigh of despair from the environmental community. But his action creates opportunities as well as challenges.