UN publishes new Emissions Gap report

Reacting to the publication of the UN's latest Emissions Gap report, Tom Mitchell, executive director of IIED, said: “The latest Emissions Gap report is deeply concerning and shows how both a lack of ambition to cut emissions and a lack of policies to deliver any cuts, particularly from G20 countries, is setting the world on track for close to 3°C of global warming.

Press release, 27 October 2022

“While the numbers may appear small, every 0.1°C of warming means more devastating floods, further deadly heatwaves, scorching wildfires and loss of nature. People’s lives are on the line and it’s poor and vulnerable communities that are being hit first and worst, despite doing the least to cause it.

“To get on track to limiting global warming to 1.5°C, global annual greenhouse gas emissions must plummet steeply. G20 countries and the wealthiest 1% must avert a great deal of suffering and loss by ratcheting up their ambition to cut emissions at COP27.”

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